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THIS AUCTION IS FOR A SET OF New Plastic fenders FOR ATC70 1973. No decals. They are very nice all holes drilled Ready to bolt on !!!! they even have small bump on rear fenders like originals You get one front and two rear fenders. !! The fenders are Plastic and they are thick plastic . The fenders are reproduction of the originals. BIKE does NOT COME WITH AUCTION ,, I have been working on these for over 6 months. they are close as you can get Note if you buy more than one set can give discount ! The fenders are just LIKE New Old Stock By are very nice reproductions very think plastic Like oem ! I HAVE TONS OF OLD HONDA NOS PARTS JUST NEED PART # TO LOOK FOR YOU. IF YOU NEED A SET OF THESE FENDERS LET ME  know           .......  NOTE   THESE   FENDERS   ARE  THICK PLASTIC   NOT  FIBERGLASS !!!        MY   FENDERS  ARE   VERY  NICE   JUST  LIKE  OEM   JUST BOLT  ON   ALL   HOLES  DRILLED           LET ME  KNOW  WHAT YEAR YOU WANT         THANKS    NOTE   FENDERS DO NOT COME WITH DECALS      Both colors in stock    !!!!!!!!1

1974 Red Honda ATC70 K1 Fenders

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