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Full restorations start at $3000 + parts and plating

We founded our business and built our reputation on full trike restorations. This has given us worldwide notoriety. We have built and shipped trikes to nearly ten different countries and over 30 states.


Our full frame off restorations start off with a complete teardown and assessment of what is needed for the process. We prep all metal surfaces and send off to get plated as needed. We work with top notch zinc, machine shops and chrome shops around the country. All plastics are polished in house as well as all aluminum polishing is done through our hands on and vapor honing process. Engines are completely gone through to ensure long life. Suspension is rebuilt as needed. Painted parts are prepped, welded, primed and painted with high quality PPG products.

When your ATV is done you will end up with a near museum quality machine. We currently have an 18-month wait list. We also offer partial restorations that can dress up any machine to make more presentable.

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